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What could possibly be better than coming into the greenhouse for tips and ideas about planting container gardens? Finding those ideas at our new website blog! This April we launched our new website and with it a blog devoted to the discussion of what’s blooming at the greenhouse and ideas for how to use those containers creatively and wisely.

Few things warm my soul more than spring’s floral apology for the monochromatic and chilly (or sub zero) winter temperatures. After waiting for months to emancipate my Christmas lights from frozen snow drifts, I’m ready to start planting, but first I exorcise winter by walking into the greenhouse and inhaling the scent of warm dirt and fresh blooms.

I’ve always loved the pop of yellow forsythia plants and I fondly remember reading Mary Ellen Solt’s poem about this harbinger of spring in middle school English. Her final three words are so true for the die hard gardener, “hope” “insists” “action”. So to honor this plant’s dedication to shooing winter out the door, I’m going to head to the greenhouse for several beautiful spring planter options that get me excited, and they aren’t just pansies. Of course, pansies are a fantastic spring planting option. This feisty little plant is hearty and bursts with a variety of colors and shapes, but the greenhouse also offers several new cold tolerant plants to pair with pansies to develop a more sophisticated looking planter that explodes with a variety of height and texture.

One spring planter option is the interesting Osteospermum, or African daisy. This plant gives a planter bold hues and fanciful shapes while adding a nice central height. The softer more romantic Nemesia is another great addition because it provides a soft mix of blooms and smells lovely. My highlight plant this spring is a beautiful little grass called Sweet Flag, or Ogon grass. It brightens up the rest of the pot with a lively yellow/green color that any Easter bunny would love to get his teeth on. As a perennial, it’s versatile enough to leave in your summer planter, or if you are like me, to plant in a bed before the fall frost to get the most bang for your buck. I simply love this plant! It blows around in the spring breeze adding a touch of softness yet it’s strong enough that you can stick curly willow and pussy willow branches right down the center of a clump. This grass does well in shade or sun, wet or dry soils, and is practically evergreen. Gotta love that!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to exploring a creative variety of plant options this spring.

See you in the greenhouse!
Purple Osteospermum, or African daisy

odon grass
Sweet Flag (Ogon Grass)

spring pot idea
Spring planter